Created by a Woman for Women

Based in the UAE, Belionel is a prêt à mesure and prêt a porter contemporary hand-made brand.
Belionel is about the renaissance of Al Andalus , of art and poetry through fashion. Bringing back treasures…Through Al Andalus itself the European renaissance was born indeed…
Growing up in the mesmerizing and legendary city of Granada, Spain, a melting pot of cultures, fueled my passion to share the tales of Al Andalus and Andalucia through the art of fashion design. With a heritage blending Spanish and Algerian roots, my love for history, art, poetry, and literature has always been a driving force.
I have longed to infuse the essence and beauty of literature into my fashion creatividad ons, aiming to embody the Andalusian revival.
Through my work, I pay tribute to the poets and artists who have inspired me along my journey to keep our heritage alive.
We launch one single collection a year with small capsule collection as a continuation of the same collection to ensure a small scale, curated, production For two main reason
Firstly, it reduces the overall production of clothing, thereby decreasing the environmental impact associated with garment manufacturing , second encourage to more conscious consumption.
We only work with locally based artisans in the UAE and Spain that follows UAE and European policies.
Belionel does not claim to be a sustainable brand, instead we commit to being the most responsible version of ourselves by implementing sustainable and conscious practices.
We donate a portion of our profits to JAAGO foundation in aiding the education of underprivileged children of the Rohingya children of Myanmar and Bangladesh
All our extra material is donated to diferentes association in Spain and Abroad who works with women as a commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the community.

Belionel Manifesto

The Belionel Manifesto celebrates the unapologetic individuality of women, drawing inspiration from art, nature, and a blend of cultural influences. 

The brand’s creations embody a spirit of artistic liberation, cultural celebration, and passionate femininity, aiming to infuse joy and consciousness into wardrobes. Belionel is a celebration of arts through fashion, a revival of legends.

- Nayla B.