Heritage Revival

The Heritage Revival

The Andalusian Artful


Discover with us some of the most inspiring Andalusian artists. These talented individuals and Andalusian arts continuators are driven by a deep passion to spread the beauty of Andalusian arts through their exquisite work, jewelry designs, intricate pottery creations, mesmerizing Islamic calligraphy, and captivating engravings. Join us in exploring these exceptional pieces, each one crafted with utmost care and offered in limited, exclusive productions. Throughout this section, we will consistently unveil a plethora of distinct artists as we explore and uncover their exceptional talents.

Visual Poetry


EduartGranada is not only an illustrator and designer but also a visual artist who continues the legacy of Andalusian Living Art. His captivating work can be best described as Visual Poetry, as it beautifully captures the essence of Andalusian art. Granada's prodigious talent lies in his ability to seamlessly combine various techniques, drawing inspiration from the intricate Nazari architecture. With Granada as his muse, his art becomes a reflection of the city's rich cultural heritage.

Jewelry crafts

Las Granadas de Maria

Las Granadas de Maria specializes in crafting handmade jewelry. Their workshop is renowned for their expertise in filigree and embossing techniques, which have brought fame to the city of Granada since Roman times. From the union of these techniques arise pomegranates made of sterling silver and the famous gold of the Darro River in Granada, Spain.

They create exquisite designs that draw inspiration from the artistic heritage of Al Andalus and Islamic art

Art and plasterwork restoration workshop

Al Aire Art

Dedicated to reviving the age-old craftsmanship of Hispanic Muslim artisans, this unique workshop in Granada, Spain, is a haven for exquisite artistry.
Step into the enchanting world of Al Aire Art, where the spirit of the traditional artisan workshop is preserved with utmost care. 
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