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" My Freedom is to be what they don't want me to be "

Mahmoud Darwish

The Libertad collection is a heartfelt homage to the essence of freedom and love.

Every single piece in this collection proudly bears the name of a flower, serving as a poignant symbol of liberation. Throughout history, flowers have stood as an enduring representation of the human desire for freedom and compassion. They embody the exquisite beauty and delicate nature of life, while also embodying the indomitable strength of growth and rejuvenation, which is artfully reflected in most of the collection’s designs. Furthermore, the collection draws inspiration from the nostalgic charm of the retro styles prevalent in the sixties and seventies  The creations exude a captivatingly powerful femininity,  cr afted from  cotton or crepe fabrics.
It draws profound inspiration from remarkable figures such as Mahmoud Darwish and F. G. Lorca.



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