" I deserve nothing less than Glory, I hold my head high and go my way"


Wallada  Collection, another collection that speaks of a woman’s essence and the art of poetry.  This time to celebrate Deep Devine Feminine Power. Dedicated to the Umayyad poet and princess, Wallada Bint Al Mustakfi, an Empowered Women from an era where poetry was used as a weapon, for seduction, and as high art. She set about living her life exactly as she wanted.

Floral motif as a romantic feel , embellished with pearls and  fusioned with traditional Andalusian style (Iberian and North African). A collection that projects  confidence and authority with a strong pulse of  sensual femininity.

With this collection, Belionel wants to pay tribute to all  the determined and free-spirited women Who with their DETERMINATION and free spiritedness have payed the way for us , and may they always be remembered

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