Belionel Scarves: Art and timeless appeal

The vast cultural heritage embedded in Islamic Andalucian architecture art can be described in geometric design and floral arabesques is mesmerizing and is a point of inspiration for Belionel.
Andalucia, historically, was a melting pot of southern Mediterranean cultures from Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, and Vandals. But the most influential of all was unarguably that of the Moors, who named the region “Al-Andalus” and who’s eighth-century rule left an indelible imprint on the region’s culture and its customs.

Throughout history, artists in this region used geometry as a meditative focus, owing to the fact that it  gives the observer a vision of the fundamental order of both the cosmos and the natural world .

The cyclical movements of heavenly bodies, which Plato described as the ‘music of the spheres’, finds its Earthly reflection in the natural symmetries seen in nature and most amazingly the world of flowers, the proportions of which are ruled by simple geometric laws.

The origin of the word ‘cosmos’ is adornment (from which the modern word ‘cosmetics’ is derived) and the adornment of sacred buildings with both floral and geometric patterns makes the observer sensitive to subtle synchronizations bringing together the natural world around us with the cosmos.

In Islamic art the geometric figure of the circle represents the primordial symbol of unity and the ultimate source of all diversity in creation. 

Our inspiration and vision is to elevate the age-old art forms of Islamic patterns and floral arabesques, producing an inflection point in the history of an artistic expression that has remained dormant for centuries.

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