Sacromonte, where WOMEN held their heads high with PRIDE and LIBERTY, spread the fire of Flamenco dancing.  A story that revives ancients legends, to celebrate THE VERSATILITY OF PASSIONATE WOMEN


The designer, hailing from the ancient city of Granada, a magical region in Andalucia, south of Spain, where Sacromonte is located, set out to create and bring to reality the beauty of Sacromonte and the Al Andalus culture to her outfit. 

The Zambra nights at its caves: a magical setting under the spell of the moon, its charm is unmatched at sunset which is the influence of the boudoir, majestic Kaftans and Silk scarves inspired by the ancient royalties of Al Andalus: beauty, passion, unending night, bailaoras stomping their feet with the magical movement of the raffles and tassels on their outfits, Andalusian Queens exalting themselves in their palaces. With this collection, Belionel is narrating the story by recreating authenticity , passion, elegance and the beauty of the history of Granada