Rosy Alberto

Neuro-linguistics coach, model, Tv presenter , a mother, a beauty queen and a great achiever

Considered one of the greatest influencers in El Salvador

Rosy is wearing our Rocio dress from " Sacromonte PF21" Collection

Rosy, we are honoured to welcome you in our Community. You grew  your self in such a diversified field, can you tell us a little bit more about it ? What three things lead to your success?

 Thank you very much. The pleasure is mine. They are very simple things,  I believe that what always lead me to success is the Faith placed in God, consistency in everything I do, and the love I put in everything I do. I had to take care of my little brothers at young age when  I lost my mum 9 years ago, as well as being a  mother my self, so I beleive that life itself with all its good and bad contributes to our growth and success.

How would you define your style?

My personal style,  sophisticated, clean and elegant.

What would be your styling advice?

Women Should Always feel unique and beautiful, because each of us has their own star, we can all shite with the same intensity. And that red lipstick should never be missing, as that gives woman presence and gives a differents vibes, more empowerment somehow..


What are your Belionel Top pics?

IIts very hard to choose, I love everything! but I guess my three favourites are La Lola, the andalusian Belen Top matched with el Giro de Carmen Skirt  and of  course Rocio dress.

Apart from your profession in the field of beauty, as a neurology coach,  today the issue of mental health very present in all fields of life, what advice would you give our readers, especially women as general guidelines

Seeking help is healthy and we all need it, life is not perfect, but we shouldn’t be suffering alone and in silence, there are proffesionals and therapist who can ease our life

Can you recommend an inspirational place in Salvador?

The flower route ( La Ruta de Las flores) is an incredible place, near the mountains where  the weather is just perfect.

 “El tunco” is one of the most popular beaches in my country where people go almost every Sunday to watch the sunset and enjoy with friends and unique parties are held there

 The volcano of San Salvador. It is incredible, on the slopes of the volcano there are many restaurants where you can go to enjoy with friends and family

“Ilobasco”  city of craftsmen and where I was born. It is said that ,in Ilobasco, there are the most beautiful women in the country. There is a saying that says that they make us of clay and then break the mold

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