Sandra Martinho

International Author, Speaker, Story teller & life coach and cancer Survivor

Sandra is wearing our Al Hob T shirt from "Wallada PF22"

Sandra,  we are always proud to have great women with courageous survivor spirit as part of the Belionel community.Can you tell us what you learned the most from your (Cancer survivor) journey?

–  I learned when to STOP, because only when a person STOP’s is when its opened the space to heal. Our whole being needs to heal and for that to happen needs to stop. 

Can you tell us what you learned the most from your (Cancer survivor)  journey  ?

–  Acceptance of what is happening in a certain moment that we can’t control. 

– To be truthful to myself and to love me more than before. Self-love and nourishement makes the human being thriv

You are the author of “The Dance of Life”, What was the objective behind your book? 

 When I was healing I felt that I had something to share without knowing exactly what it was and at the same time I had this huge need of journaling. After a while I realised that what I was journaling was worth to transform in a book, because if all those ideas, tools, inspirations made sense to me while I was healing they could make sense to others that are going through challenges, painful or traumatic events in their life.

As it is a fashion week in most parts of the world, do you think that cancer survivors can serve as models to promote cancer prevention and screening ? What would be your advice to the fashion industry?

 Yes, I truly believe we can. Because making a statement around Health, Hope and Believing that exists a beautifull life after cancer it gives strength to the person that survived and at the same time inspires others (that are struggling in that moment) to believe that everything is possible – like is possible to beat cancer and thrive in life again.

Fashion is a huge industry – if used with the right consciousness by sending messages about prevention, early diagnose it can save so many lives (because the early diagnose can really save a person life). Much people look at models, fashion designers as role models, lets make them even more real by sharing this message in the first person.

We love to see you wearing our Al Hob T shirt, why did you chose it?

I love the  whole collection design and artistic -cultural story behind it, I chose the Al Hob T shirt, I really love the meaning behind it (Al hob) plus I find it so beautiful and the colour palette is amazing

 Any of your favourite Poetesses or female writers?

–  Maya Angelou : “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

As a portuguese native, what parts of Portugal (cities, or small towns) you would consider inspiring and worth visiting?

–  Lisbon and Porto (the 2 major cities)

–  Setubal (my home town)

–  Evora

What would be your advice to our ladies readers in terms of preventions?

–  Learn to know your body, because our body speaks with us. If we learn how to listen we will know when the signs are there (like what happened to me).

–  If you have any family history, like previous cancer you should start checking earlier than a person that doesn’t have any family history.

–  Have an active lifestyle (exercise regularly; diverse diet; right hydration; restful sleep; regulate emotions)

–  Specifically for breast cancer: learn how to do the self-checking

–  Any doubts or questions go to a reliable source (Mr. Google is not considered reliable 🙂)

For more info please contact Sandra Martinho at:

You can purchase her book titled “The Dance of Life” at Amazon; Amazon Kindle; Barnes and Noble;  contacting directly with the author and other platforms worldwide.


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